Fellowship Awards

What is Society Fellowship?

Each year The Research Society considers applications for the special award of the title of Fellow to those members who have made a significant contribution to the research industry/profession.

Fellowship is the highest honour the Society can bestow on a member, recognising those who have made a significant contribution to the profession over a sustained period.

Current financial full members of The Research Society are invited to self-nominate or have other colleagues nominate them for election as a Fellow of the Society.

Why have Fellows?

  • To recognise members who have made a substantive contribution to the betterment of the Society, the profession and/or the Industry beyond their own benefit
  • To inspire and identify role models for those within our industry, particularly newer/younger members
  • To promote the Society and the profession by showcasing our best and brightest
  • To harness the skills and experience to advance the interests of the Society and its members

Who are Fellows?

The Research Society Fellows have been judged by their peers to have made substantive contribution to the betterment of the Society, the profession and/or the industry beyond their own benefit.

Fellows continue to assist the Society and the research profession in Australia through their commitment of time and energy to raising awareness of the value of research within the broad community, and through volunteering their time to various projects which draw on their substantial experience and expertise.

Fellowship recognises the contribution the nominee has made to the profession across the following important areas:

  • to the Society through ongoing membership and a minimum of 5 years at application
  • through continuous employment in research related roles for the last 10 years
  • to their ongoing professional development
  • to the ongoing to the practice of research, The Society and its members
  • have had no Professional Standards complaints against them upheld in the last 10 years
  • to be recognised as a leader
  • to be an advocate for the profession and The Research Society
  • building the awareness and reputation of the profession and professional research services externally for the greater good
  • driving improvement in the industry, profession or the practice of research
  • active involvement in the management, governance or delivery of services by The Research Society

Fellowship Nominations Close 5pm AEST, 30 September 2024.

The Fellowship Award process

How to nominate

Applicants must meet the following criteria and show sufficient accomplishment under the general criteria.

Applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 5 years FULL membership of The Research Society
  • Minimum 10 years continuous employment in research and/or related roles. (This time period can include career breaks for parental leave).
  • Evidence of commitment to ongoing professional development (QPR is highly regarded, but not essential)
  • Agreement to commit minimum of 10 hours per year to activities as agreed with Society e.g., mentoring, training, participation in summits, industry lobbying, public speaking etc.
  • Had no Professional Standards complaints against them upheld in the last ten (10) years or be in the process of resolution of a possible breach
  • Not be a current serving member of The Research Society Board

Applicants can apply for themselves or have others do it for them.

Applicants must have two-character references who are:

  • Members of the society of at least 5 years
  • Not employed in the same organisation or suppliers of the applicant in the last 3 years

All applicants are required to provide a short bio (total 200 words) highlighting their achievements for use in media releases.

All applications must be submitted before 5pm AEST, 30 September 2024 on ‘The Research Society 2024 Fellowship Application Form’ which can be downloaded here and emailed to angus@researchsociety.com.au.

General Criteria

General Criteria

  • Advancement of the Principles and Practice of Research (50 Points)
    Contributing to theory and practice underlying research, insights and analytics through:

    • conference papers or published work
    • contribution to professional development in research through developing/running seminars or courses, participating in formalised mentoring programs, University lecturing/tutoring
    • development and promotion of new or advanced techniques, methodologies or approaches in research or relevant research related areas e.g. analytics, CX/UX, field operations etc.
  • Enhancing Awareness and Understanding of Research (50 Points)
    • Building the awareness and reputation of the profession and professional research services to industry, media, business/other professional organisations or consumer groups for the greater good. Impact on both potential research participants, potential clients, the public and government at all levels should be considered.
  • Development of the profession and/or industry in the Corporate or Public Sector (50 Points)
    • Having made a substantial contribution to management decision-making, original thought, conceptual structures in marketing, policy formation or research either at the level of the organisation or within the profession as a whole.
    • Demonstrated leadership within the industry and/or their research related field. This may include industry/professional advocacy, the leadership of business organisations or research units, engaged in research, research operations, insights, UX/CX, analytics etc.
    • Demonstrated lifelong adherence to The Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour.
  • Service to the Profession (50 points)
    • Making a significant and long-term contribution to The Research Society via participation in committees at state or national level; organisation of the annual or other conferences, or service on the Board. Similar participation in other organisations that are clearly research-related may also be considered. A retiring President of the Society will automatically become a Fellow, subject to the other mandatory requirements.

NOTE: Across ALL criteria we are looking for contribution for the greater good of the profession, the industry and/or practice of research.

Each category has a possible 50 points, and in finally confirming a person as a Fellow, the Research Society will be looking for applicants with over 100 points for election.

Announcement of Fellows

The announcement of awarded Fellowships will be made at The Research Society Awards evening which will be held in November 2024. Details will also be published.

If you require further information, contact the Research Society CEO Angus Hunter – angus@researchsociety.com.au – or call 02 9566 3100.